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Towers Laptops Tablets & Pads

Are   you   having   problems   with   your   computer   equipment,   be   it   a   laptop,   desktop, tablet, pad, printer, router, or just cannot get you phone to connect to your wifi.

Computer Health MOT

Every   computer   slows   down   to   some   degree,   due   to   updates,   software   changes   and temporary   files   and   potentially   unwanted   programms   (PUPs)   building   up.   These need   to   be   checked   and   cleaned   out   regulaly. Antivirus   software   checked   ensuring your computer is protected. We   recommend   computers   have   at   least   an   annual   service   to   clean   these   out   and ensure   everything   is   running   correctly,   Unforunatly   if   your   computer   has   above normal usage you may have to consider this be done more often.

Data Backup

We   can   show   you   how   to   transfer   your   data   to   external   devices,   or   alternately arrange to backup your date for you on specific dates

Software & Peripherals Installation

If   you   are   having   problems   problems   installing   or   setting   up   new   software   or eqipment, we can install and set it up for you in your premises

New Computers Set Up

If   you   are   considering   a   new   laptop   or   desktop,   we   will   be   pleased   to   advise   you on the best value for your needs and the best place to obtain it from. Once   you   have   the   computer   of   your   choice   we   can   set   this   up   in   your   home, connecting   your   internet,   printer   and   other   devices,   and   install   your   Internet security. If   you   reqire   we   can   also   transfer   your   files,   photos      and   music   to   your   new computer