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Virus, Malware & Ransomware

The   current   trend   for   ever   more   invasive   infections   makes   it   even   more   important   to   have     competant security software installed. Unfortunatly   some   products   avaliable   are   not   quite   up   to   the   job,   and   this   can   leave   you   wide open to intusions. It   is   also   very   important   to   keep   your   operating   system   up   to   date   and   ensure   all   updates   are installed   as   they   are   your   first   line   of   defence..   If   you   are   using   an   older   operating   system   such   as XP   or   VISTA   you   will   not   be   receiving   the   latest   security   patches   or   updated   as   support   is   no longer avaiable for these operating systems anymore. You   must   either   update   your   operating   system   or   your   computer   if   yours   will   not   work   with   the new systems, Please contact us should you require advice or further information.  
Our   current   recommendation   is   KASPERSKY   internet   security,   it   currently   protacts   against   the WannaCry   Malware,   that   has   been   causing   serious   problems   in   the   NHS   and   world   wide   if   you   are not   sure   how   to   get   or   install   this   we   can   supply   install   and   set   it   up   for   you.   It   is   avaliable   for   1, 3, 5 or 10 devices Windows or Mac.